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Deforestation, agricultural intensification, and farm resilience in Northern Belize: 1980-201015
An evaluation of employment protection legislation in New Zealand.5
Vitellogenesis in the New Zealand cushion sea star Patiriella regularis4
Oral and written communication apprehension in accounting students: curriculum impacts and impacts on academic performance3
Quran and Reform: Rahman, Arkoun, Abu Zayd3
Habitat use, growth and movement in relation to bioenergetics of drift-feeding stream fish3
The Economic Benefits of Food Safety Regulation3
The Spectacle and the Witness: an Historical and Critical Study of Surveillance in Visual Culture from 1920 to 20083
A Journey to the Good Life: A philosophical inquiry into the bioethical concept of human enhancement3
Bridging the gap between the Model-Driven Architecture and ontology engineering3
Information Package for Users of the New Zealand Estimated Food Costs 20183
The effects of trade liberalization on productivity and welfare: The role of firm heterogeneity, R&D and market structure2
Transcriptional effects of mood stabiliser drugs in a serotonergic cell line2
The relationship between perceived environmental uncertainty, organizational structure, leadership style and the balanced scorecard2
Spatial information systems for wildlife conservation management: Taiaroa Head royal albatross colony2
The development of commercial New Zealand ecotourism: A longitudinal study (1999-2004)2
The knowledge worker: A critical analysis of the terms knowledge worker and its use2
The impact of organisational restructuring on employee commitment at the Otago Polytechnic2
Marketing the mayor: political marketing and the Livingstone4London mayoral election campaign2
Role differentiation in a professionalising occupation: The case of occupational therapy, New Zealand.2
Bioactive compounds from the roe of New Zealand fish2
Political Campaigning in a Developing Country: A case study of the Cook Islands2
"Let Us Go to Him": The Story of Faith and the Faithfulness of Jesus in Hebrews2
Investigating Factors and Characteristics of the Use of e-Collaboration Tools in Research Collaboration2
Family centred care for Children with chronic respiratory disease: A New Zealand perspective2
Internal Employees versus External Employees (Contractors): Are the ‘Outcomes’ the same?2
On the testability of BDI agent systems2
Ecological drivers of seabird recovery after the eradication of introduced predators2
The Uric Acid Story: Linking the Big Toe to the Prostate2
The interaction of G-Quadruplex DNA structure and cytosine methylation2
A tutorial on Principal Components Analysis2
Underwater noise from pile-driving and its impact on Hector's dolphins in Lyttelton Harbour, New Zealand2
The adsorption of heavy metals by waste tea and coffee residues1
Economic theories of the voluntary sector: a survey of government failure and market failure approaches1
The Union Threat Effect in Construction: An Illustration with Data from Plumber and Pipefitter Union Locals1
An architecture for self-organising evolvable virtual machines1
Dysfunctional behaviour in the modern audit environment: the effect of time budget pressure and auditors’ personality type on reduced audit quality practices1
The role of respect in leadership1
Tourism sustainability and health impacts in high altitude adventure, cultural and ecotourism destinations: a case study of Nepal’s Sagarmatha National Park1
Adventure tourism: the freedom to play with reality1
A software metric suite for evaluating the usability of Learning Management Systems1
Impacts of religious tourism in Thailand1
Perceptions of myths and brand identity in advertising: Exploring the role of archetypes and national symbolism in advertising1
A constructivist model for management education: An integrated experiential and holistic framework1
The relationship between share price and returns in Australia and New Zealand1
Enhancing customer satisfaction and retention: assessing customer perceptions of Barlow justice limited to improve overall service quality1
How do countries' incomes affect environmental quality?1
Corporate governance: A New Zealand perspective1
The design and implementation of a rewards system for ICE1
Nurse burnout in a high stress health care environment: prognosis better than expected?1
Lessons from the indigenous east for western organisations? Mechanistic and organic approaches to organization and management1
The Effect of Bad Parents, Emotional Deprivation and Shame on Adolescent Characters in the Works of Alan Duff1
Marginally grounded: Camping ground residence in New Zealand1
Laboratory and Epidemiological Characteristics of Streptococcus pseudopneumoniae1
A post-structuralist viewpoint on evidence-based medicine1
The lugworm Abarenicola affinis (Arenicolidae, Polychaeta) in tidal flats of Otago, southern New Zealand.1
The function of secondary metabolites in the leaves of Pseudowintera colorata1
Planning for retirement in 2025: A Delphi study. Retirement preparation – why is it so difficult?1
Sir Arthur Hamilton-Gordon - Governor of New Zealand and High Commissioner for the western Pacific, 1880-18821
Workplace Stress: Resources and Coping Strategies1
Using MCDA (Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis) to prioritise publicly-funded health care1
Serious suicide attempts in young people : a case control study1
The Art of Peace: Performative and Arts Based Peace Practices in Contemporary Fiji1
Employment Ideology and Grievance Adjudication: An Empirical Examination of Adjudicators' Ideological Predispositions, Other Characteristics, and Personal Grievance Case Determinations1
Urban environmental pathways to active ageing: A participatory investigation amidst natural disasters1
Good faith bargaining in New Zealand: A study of its development and likely practical application1
Energy Aid in Caribbean and Pacific Small Island Developing States (SIDS)1
“You can of course keep shaking the box”: Errant Versioning and Textual Motion in the Iterations of Anne Carson1
As I Exemplify: An Examination of the Musical-Literary Relationship in the Work of John Cage1
Maori and Mining1
Clinical anatomy of the coccyx and associated structures1
Dietary sugar and blood pressure: A systematic review and meta-analysis1
The Therapeutic Role of NK Cells in DC Immunotherapy1
Ballistic Skeletal Injuries: An Experimental Study of the Orthopaedic, Biomechanic and Forensic Characteristics1
The Impact of Fatherlessness on the Way One Relates to God as Father1
Energy Transitions: Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS)1
Electronic Ratification: the Collective Bargaining Implications1
Malnutrition in children1
Parent-involvement in children's reading development: Parent and teacher perceptions, and child reading outcomes1
The Effect of Low Back Pain on Hip Range of Motion and Gluteus Medius Function in Field Hockey Players1
Power and politics of organisational sustainable development : an analysis of organisational reporting discourse1
The Māori All Blacks and the Decentering of the White Subject: Hyperrace, Sport and the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism1
Understanding Whangara: Whale Rider as Simulacrum1
Union officials in a small capitalist state: A study in the composition and ideology of the New Zealand Trade Union leadership fraction1
New Zealand Farmers and Wetlands1
Is activin-βc a tumour suppressor in the inhibin knockout mice?1
A Study of Labour Negotiators: Orientation and Behaviour1
The microRNA profile of aortic stenosis1
“I Am The Apple Of My Brother’s Eye” : An investigation into the evolving roles of Samoan women with particular reference to religion and gender relations1
A Contemporary View on Advance Directives: Reconceptualising their Theoretical Application in Aotearoa New Zealand1
Chemoenzymatic Resolutions of myo-Inositols: A synthesis towards PIMs1
Transport In New Zealand: A Call For Sustainable Transitions1
Variability in neonatal gentamicin administration influencing drug delivery kinetics1
Birds as indicators of agroecosystem resilience and sentinels of market accreditation: A case study of New Zealand South Island sheep/beef farms1
Sea level change in New Zealand – spatial impacts from a surveyor’s perspective1
Social Acceptance of Renewable Electricity Developments in New Zealand1
For better or for worse ... : a case study analysis of social services partnerships in Aotearoa/New Zealand1
Stress Conditioning for Peripheral Arterial Disease1
The interactions of hydrogen peroxide produced by Streptococcus pneumoniae with myeloperoxidase and lactoperoxidase1
Comparison of Orofacial Characteristics in Children With and Without Long Term Histories of Snoring- A Pilot Study1

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