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A bounds test approach to the study of level relationships in a panel of high-performing Asian economies (HPAES)10
The impact of climate change on crop production in Sub-Saharan Africa7
The composition of public expenditure and growth: different models of government expenditure distribution by functions.5
The effect of riboceine on lipoprotein(a)5
Mediator’s Culture and the Ability to be Effective in the Process of International Mediation5
Electrical properties of schist and mylonite from the South Island, New Zealand: Exploring the source of the Southern Alps Anomalous Conductor4
The choice of market entry mode: greenfield Investment, M&A and joint ventures3
Creation of an instrument to assess intercultural communication competence for strategic international human resource management3
Improving inflation targeting in New Zealand: An investigation of the Reserve Bank's inflation errors3
Performance of relational databases versus native XML databases3
Attitudes & perceptions about the trades as a potential career choice: A Study of Otago University students3
Biogeochemical Cycling of Zinc in the Whau Estuary (Auckland, New Zealand)3
Where is R2P grounded in International law?3
The Role/Importance of Personal Computers to Support Learning in Higher Education3
Effect of Seam Type on Selected Seam Tensile Behaviour Under Multi-axial Forces3
Forgiveness in Peacebuilding: What is it, and does it work?3
Giovanni Antonio Terzi and the lute intabulations of late sixteenth-century Italy3
Hitting the ground running: building New Zealand’s first publicly available institutional repository3
Agent-based integration of web services with workflow management systems2
On the testability of BDI agent systems2
Perceptions of political marketing in Sweden: a comparative perspective2
Cultural re-invention within the New Zealand Treasury2
Activity-based costing in New Zealand: An assessment of ABC users and non-users in the New Zealand firm environment2
The role of respect in leadership2
The relationship between perceived environmental uncertainty, organizational structure, leadership style and the balanced scorecard2
The influence of religion on attitudes towards the advertising of controversial products2
Managing a complex environment — Social cultural perspectives the case of Indonesia2
Estimating Demand Systems: An Empirical Comparison Comparison2
The pricing of minimum revenue guarantees on toll roads2
Cointegrating relationships in international stock markets2
A bioeconomic analysis of marine reserves for paua (abalone) management at Stewart Island, New Zealand2
From sustainable management to sustainable development: a longitudinal analysis of external communication by a leading environmental reporter2
Predicting the Glycaemic Index of Mixed Meals2
The development and evolution of supergene gold and sulphide mineralisation in quartz pebble conglomerate deposits.2
The Effect of African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) on Exports of Eligible Countries: Panel Data Evidence2
Role and dynamics of yeast species in oral biofilms2
Bilosomes as a Drug Delivery System2
The nutritional status of disadvantaged preschool children attending daycares in Salvador, Northeast Brazil: a cross-sectional study2
Serious suicide attempts in young people : a case control study2
Shedding light on aid: Using night lights to analyse the effectiveness of geocoded aid in Malawi2
Corporate Social Responsibility in Small and Medium-sized enterprises in Guatemala2
Optimization of energy-efficient transmission protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks2
Validity of the Cervical Vertebral Maturation Method for Prediction of Mandibular Growth Peak2
Te Ao o te Whaikōrero2
Kaupapa Māori [visual communication] design Investigating ‘visual communication design by Māori, for Māori’, through practice, process and theory2
Vector opinion dynamics: An extended model for consensus in social networks2
Agent based web service composition in the context of a supply-chain based workflow2
Why do rates of β-convergence differ? A meta-regression analysis2
Ethnic gaps and ethnic ratios2
Facilitating collaboration in a distributed software development environment using P2P architecture2
The effects of international trade on employment: heterogeneity among 2-digit ISIC manufacturing industries1
Software effort estimation: Harmonizing algorithms and domain knowledge in an integrated data mining approach1
Building privacy infrastructure for culturally sensitive information of New Zealand Maori1
2009 Global Network Interconnectivity (GNI) Symposium1
Agent-based container terminal optimisation1
Marine microbial community dynamics and responses to ocean acidification1
Partner selection mechanisms for agent cooperation1
Estimating quarterly GDP Data for the South Pacific Island Nations1
Christ, Salvation and Eschatology from Colossians: Developing a Response to Melanesian Concept of Gutpela Sindaun1
A rule language for modelling and monitoring social expectations in multi-agent systems1
A two-stage double-bootstrap data envelopment analysis of efficiency differences of New Zealand secondary schools1
Community-based indigenous tourism, NGOs and indigenous poverty in Bangladesh1
The concept of autonomy in distributed computation and multi-agent systems1
Inequality and economic growth: The empirical relationship reconsidered in the light of comparable data1
Communicative acts and interaction protocols in a distributed information system1
View-based consistency and its implementation1
Towards the synthesis of hydrogen bonded frameworks1
Reliable group communication and institutional actions in a multi-agent trading scenario1
Local government failure1
Agency problems & audit pricing; a test of the free cash flow hypothesis: US evidence1
Formal recognition versus off-balance sheet disclosure: a New Zealand perspective1
Financial performance: the motivation behind corporate social responsibility reporting1
Operating expense disclosure and international financial reporting standards in New Zealand1
Future auditors’ propensity to blow the whistle: an investigation of auditing students’ propensity to blow the whistle when faced with an ethical dilemma1
Relevance and reliability: A trade-off?1
Corporate social disclosure: Effect of perceptions on support of environmental group members1
Research on theoretical framework and implementation of Local Government Act 20021
Dysfunctional behaviour in the modern audit environment: the effect of time budget pressure and auditors’ personality type on reduced audit quality practices1
Price effects associated with changes in the S&P 500's composition: The removal and replacement of seven non-US companies1
Comparing predictor methods; the case of bankruptcy predictions1
Intellectual capital, performance and industry in North American firms1
The impact of the business case for sustainable development upon New Zealand organisations1
Intellectual capital disclosures by Australian companies1
Budget deficits and interest rates a bounds testing approach evidence from New Zealand1
The Balassa-Samuelson model in Asia1
The audit expectation gap in New Zealand1
Corporate governance and earnings management1
Radio frequency identification (RFID)1
Managing an effective promotion campaign: lessons from retail advertisers in New Zealand, Portugal and Hungary1
Bridging the gap between the model-driven architecture and ontology engineering1
Management and decisions in a Tongan business context1
What motivates New Zealand firms to use derivative instruments and does their use add value?1
Corporate financial reporting on the internet: Evidence from New Zealand companies1
A lightweight data integration architecture1
Intellectual capital reporting and shareholder wealth1
An exploration of global sourcing in the New Zealand manufacturing industry – A case study analysis1
Evaluating the relative efficiencies of Morningstar mutual funds using @RISK — A stochastic data envelopment analysis approach1
MBO liklihood and firm characteristics: Evidence from a data envelopment analysis1
Think-aloud protocol and heuristic evaluation of non-immersive, desktop photo-realistic virtual environments1

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Cranefield, Stephen14
Purvis, Maryam A.13
Purvis, Martin12
Savarimuthu, Bastin Tony Roy12
Milne, Markus J9
Ozanne, Arlene L G8
Sanz, Ismael5
Velázquez, Francisco J5
Whiting, Rosalind H5
Liyanarachchi, Gregory A.4
Winikoff, Michael4
Blanc, Elodie3
Court, Suzanne E3
Dollery, Brian3
Fam, Kim-Shyan3
Foukia, Noria3
Judson, Anne-Marie3
Liu, Philip3
McGregor, Graham3
Nowostawski, Mariusz3
Raff, Horst3
Rewi, Poia3
Ryan, Michael3
Sadhu, Ashish3
Schneider, Viktoria3
Stanger, Nigel3
Stähler, Frank3
Tregidga, Helen3
Wallis, Joe3
Alaali, Alya2
Alexander, W Robert J2
Arafat, Mosab2
Blakely, James2
Dobson, Stephen2
Dodd, Hayley2
Ellwood, Nicholas K2
Erdogan, B Zafer2
Gardner, Tracey2
Guo, Yingtong2
Haug, Alfred A.2
Jones, Hamish2
Leech Gonzalez, Jennifer Alejandra2
Lont, David H2
McLean, Lyall2
Moll, Sarah Elizabeth2
Pan, Jin2
Ramlogan, Carlyn2
Schmid, Daniel Josef2
Stringer, Carolyn P2
Strobl, Eric2
Sunaryo, Lenny2
Waller, David S2
Walton, Sara2
Williams, Jim2
Zhao, Tianping Rose2
Adler, Ralph W1
Akkakoson, Songyut1
Aspinall, Rachal S1
Aziz, Khairul Azman1
Bairam, Erkin I1
Ball, Amanda1
Balshaw, Vanessa1
Barns, Peta1
Basher, Syed A.1
Basturkmen, Laurance Emrah1
Bowden, Roger1
Bruce, Morgan1
Carson, Guy1
Carter, Dan1
Chapman, Roslyn1
Chetwin, William1
Cocker, Antoinette L1
Conrad, Jennifer1
Cooper, Michael1
Curry, Robyn1
Deng, Jeremiah D.1
Deng, Xianglin1
Dick, Grant1
Duff, Ryan1
Ebadi, Toktam1
Elayan, Fayez A1
Fielding, David1
Findlay, Justin A1
Fumarola, Francesco1
Galland, William1
Garces-Ozanne, Arlene1
Gardner, Clare T1
Gordon, Hannah Claire1
Gorton, Luke1
Grafton, R Quentin1
Griffin, Paul A1
Gundry, Leanne C1
Harris, Phil1
Hassanin, Mohaned Hashim1
Heywood, Vanessa1
Higgins, Rawinia1
Hoult, Regan B1
Hsu, Wei-Huei1
Jackson, Grant1
Jakoby, Oliver1

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