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Effect Of Processing On The Flavour Character Of Arabica Natural Coffee27
Where is R2P grounded in International law?15
Crucifixion, State Terror, and Sexual Abuse14
Disaster recovery planning: A New Zealand perspective9
Poia mai taku poi: Unearthing the knowledge of the past9
Thinking across the Bible: Consonance and Dissonance in Early Modern English Biblical Verse8
Investigating How Mutations in Cytochrome c Affect the Intrinsic Apoptosis Pathway6
Detecting instruments in classical music: A view on timbre, musical features, and classification6
The Development of Number Sense and Mental Computation Proficiencies: An Intervention Study with Secondary One Students in Brunei Darussalam6
Reconociendo a Jesús como víctima de abuso sexual: respuestas de sobrevivientes del Sodalicio en el Perú5
Building Relationships: Quaker Peacebuilding in a Pacific Context.5
Design strategies for GUI items with touch screen based information systems: assessing the ability of a touch screen overlay as a selection device4
Responses of the Maud Island frog, Leiopelma pakeka, to artificial displacement4
Malnutrition in children4
Investigations into a cytochrome c variant that causes thrombocytopenia4
Recognising Jesus as a Victim of Sexual Abuse: Responses from Sodalicio Survivors in Peru4
The choice of market entry mode: greenfield Investment, M&A and joint ventures3
Persistent musculoskeletal pain in individuals with inflammatory bowel diseases3
A collaborative Web-based issue based information system (IBIS) framework3
A framework to analyse 'Internationalisation in higher education'3
Terrorism, tourism, and the issue attention cycle: An exploratory and longitudinal investigation of student perceptions of travel to the US post September 113
First annual New Zealand computer crime and security survey3
The Human Ileocaecal Junction: An Anatomical Study using Classical and Modern Techniques3
Sound and Cinema: The Music of The Matrix3
Predicting the transition from acute to persistent low back pain in primary care3
Prohibition of Riba and Gharar: A signaling and screening explanation?3
The Relationships Among Learning Styles, Learning Strategy Use, and English Proficiency of Chinese EFL University Students: A Mixed Methods Study3
Different perspectives on leadership in the New Zealand public sector: the curious case of Christine Rankin3
The stylistic vocal techniques used in New Zealand’s prevalent contemporary commercial music (CCM) styles: Musical theatre, jazz and pop2
Marine microbial community dynamics and responses to ocean acidification2
Physical tuning techniques in two DBMSs2
The role of respect in leadership2
The audit expectation gap in New Zealand2
Examination of economies of scale in credit unions: a New Zealand study2
Sport tourism and the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games: A New Zealand perspective2
Affording New Zealand rivers legal personality : a new vehicle for achieving Maori aspirations in co-management?2
The development of commercial New Zealand ecotourism: A longitudinal study (1999-2004)2
Think-aloud protocol and heuristic evaluation of non-immersive, desktop photo-realistic virtual environments2
Marketing the mayor: political marketing and the Livingstone4London mayoral election campaign2
The determinants of total factor productivity: The high-performing Asian economies revisited2
Adaptive knowledge discovery techniques for data mining2
From Eau de Cologne to Rat Poison: Kempthorne Prosser and Co.’s New Zealand Drug Company Limited, 1869-1918.2
Dynamic Effects of a Feshbach Resonance on Bragg Scattering from a Bose-Einstein Condensate2
Group dynamics of film crews in remote locations2
Iodine and Cognition in Young Adults: A Randomised, Placebo-Controlled Trial2
Developing Critical Thinkers in Higher Education: A Vygotskian Perspective2
Does Submersion in a Seawater Environment Affect the Retrieval of Useful DNA from Teeth?2
Cardiovascular Risk Assessment in Airline Pilots2
Demographic, socioeconomic and nutritional status of preschool children attending early childhood development centres in Emali, Kenya2
Sedentary Behaviour and Subsequent Obesity outcomes in Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Prospective Studies2
Exploring a social “bouba-kiki” effect and the affective consequences of having a congruent versus incongruent name2
Wine tourism and the generation Y market: any possibilities?2
Alcohol-related psychiatric comorbidity2
Machiavellian marketing: justifying ends and means in the modern politics2
Hector’s Dolphin database for a South Island bay: a new tool for the research toolbox?2
Using data models to estimate required effort in creating a spatial information system1
Creation of an instrument to assess intercultural communication competence for strategic international human resource management1
Novel therapeutic targets for Endodontic infections1
Endodontic applications of the metallo-drug, Auphen.1
Exploring the protein universe: a study of subdomain driven evolution1
Third molar surgery outcomes: a comparison between submucosal and intravenous dexamethasone1
Information Package for Users of the New Zealand Estimated Food Costs 20191
Crucifixión y abuso sexual1
Crucifixion et abus sexuel1
Financial performance: the motivation behind corporate social responsibility reporting1
Relevance and reliability: A trade-off?1
Corporate culture as normative control: A study of Hong Kong employees in a team-based organisation1
Leader integrity: Development of the leader integrity scale based on a behavioural definition of integrity1
A review of current firewall technologies1
Developing grape expectations: A dyadic examination of the effectiveness of supplier development relationships in the South Island wine industry.1
Travelling work: Michel Foucault and organisation studies1
Evaluating the impact of the School of Business digital repository1
Problems and issues in a small family business: A consultancy project1
Changing layout at Cableways - A project that investigates the process invoked-with changing Layout in a small- New Zealand business.1
Resource based theory of internationalisation - Theoretical evidence1
Political marketing and political communication: the relationship revisited1
The effects of joint flight attendant and flight crew CRM training programmes on intergroup teamwork and communication1
Predicting the Glycaemic Index of Mixed Meals1
The Effect of Bad Parents, Emotional Deprivation and Shame on Adolescent Characters in the Works of Alan Duff1
Reciprocity Beyond Borders: The Case of CouchSurfing Network in Hanoi, Vietnam1
What Is Wild?1
Quality over Quantity: The Link between Specific Qualities of Parent Speech and Young Children's Phonological Awareness1
Evidence of Renal Dysfunction, and Sclerotic Damage Secondary to Chronic Heart Failure; an Inbred Rat Model of Type 2 Cardiorenal Syndrome1
Constructing Professional Identity: How career advice, guidance and counselling practitioners’ construct their own sense of professional identity in relation to their work environment.1
Contemporary Leadership Approaches in Chinese Business: A Philosophical and Sociological Perspective1
eCommerce Website Evaluation framework: An Owner's Perspective1
Representing Romance at the Movies: Passionate Love and Film Genre1
Dynamics of the host-pathogen relationship between New Zealand’s threatened frogs (Leiopelma spp.) and the amphibian chytrid fungus, Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis1
Restorative effect of estrogen on basal forebrain cholinergic neurons1
The effect of loading conditions on a Kennedy Class I implant-assisted removable partial denture1
Use of International Trade Fairs for the Internationalisation of SMEs - A Network Approach1
A Cognitive-Relational Approach to Leadership Studies: Finding a Middle Ground For Leadership Research1
Android In-Vehicle Infotainment System (AIVI)1
Optimal Management of ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction1
The arterial supply of the ulnar nerve and cubital tunnel ischaemia1
The role of prolactin in pregnancy-induced changes in food intake1
Deci-belles: Gender and Power in Sound Engineering for Popular Music in New Zealand1
Biology of the sea pen Pteroeides sp. in Fiordland, New Zealand1
On the edge : a history of adventure sports and adventure tourism in Queenstown1

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Information Science42
Food Sciences28
National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies21
Human Nutrition14
Biochemistry collection12
Te Tumu School of Māori, Pacific and Indigenous Studies collection*10
Zoology collection10
Māori Studies9
Psychology collection8
Marketing collection7
Centre for Theology and Public Issues7
Multimedia Systems Research Laboratory6
Spatial Information Research Centre6
Mathematics and Statistics6
Paediatrics - Christchurch5
Accountancy and Finance5
Centre for Science Communication5
Oral Rehabilitation4
Oral Sciences4
Software Engineering & Collaborative Modelling Laboratory4
School of Physiotherapy3
Oral Diagnostic and Surgical Sciences3
Linguistics Programme3
Orthopaedic Surgery - Dunedin3
Security Research Group3
Law Collection3
Pharmacology and Toxicology2
Psychological Medicine - Christchurch2
Medicine - Wellington2
Spanish Programme2
Languages and Cultures collection2
Preventive and Social Medicine2
Higher Education Development Centre (HEDC)2
International Business1
Film and Media Studies1
School of Pharmacy1
Centre for Postgraduate Nursing1
Pathology - Christchurch1
Psychological Medicine - Wellington1
Medicine - Dunedin1
Paediatrics and Child Health - Dunedin1
Public Health - Wellington1
Health Informatics Programme1
Bioethics Centre1
Database Research Centre1
Software Metrics Research Laboratory1
Allan Wilson Centre for Molecular Ecology & Evolution1
Media, Film and Communication collection1
Masters of Indigenous Studies1
New Zealand Child and Youth Epidemiology Service collection1
Anthropology and Archaeology1
Marine Science1