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The effects of international trade on employment: heterogeneity among 2-digit ISIC manufacturing industries11
An explanation of unbiased expectations and efficient market hypothesis using Markov switching framework7
Rivers of Peace: Third Party Conflict Management of Transboundary River Disputes6
An Integrated GIS-Based Three-Dimensional Subsurface Visualization System4
The composition of public expenditure and growth: different models of government expenditure distribution by functions.3
TwistMouse for simultaneous translation and rotation3
Serious suicide attempts in young people : a case control study3
The adsorption of heavy metals by waste tea and coffee residues2
Culture, language and translation issues in educational assessment : Māori immersion students in the National Education Monitoring Project2
Business incubators in New Zealand: A life cycle classification2
Corporate culture as normative control: A study of Hong Kong employees in a team-based organisation2
Advertising of controversial products: a cross-cultural study2
Image formation and its contribution to tourism development in Canada's northwest territories: Past and present2
Dam it?: Hydropolitics in the changing political context of Nepal2
Research article introductions in Chinese and English: A comparative genre-based study2
Effects of circuit training on muscle strength, cardiovascular fitness, and quality of life in women diagnosed with primary breast cancer2
On the edge : a history of adventure sports and adventure tourism in Queenstown2
The role of New Zealand Official Development Assistance in the Building of Sustainable Peace2
Geographical Vector Agent Modelling for Image Classification: Initial Development2
Terrestrial spatial ecology of female New Zealand sea lions: Study at Sandy Bay, Auckland Islands, and implication for the management of the recolonisation2
Kua riro ki wīwī, ki wāwā:The causes and effects of Māori migration to Southland2
The Soviet Legacy and Post‐Communist Civil Society in the Caucasus2
Accessibility of Land Data and Information Integration in Newly-Independent Countries, with Specific Reference to Timor-Leste2
Suffering and the Dimensionality of Medical Knowledge: A Critique of Evidence Based Medicine2
The Influence of Technology on the Land Surveying Profession2
How sound are the foundations of the aggregate production function?2
An assessment of smartphone and low-cost multi-GNSS single-frequency RTK positioning for low, medium and high ionospheric disturbance periods2
Inequality and economic growth: The empirical relationship reconsidered in the light of comparable data1
Characterising the internal structure of major fault zones, using samples from outcrops and boreholes from the Alpine Fault Zone, New Zealand1
Unifying micro-agent communication in the Otago Agent Platform (OPAL)1
Financial performance: the motivation behind corporate social responsibility reporting1
A sure thing a seemingly unrelated test of international trade models for New Zealand1
An investigation into the elasticities of import demand1
The Balassa-Samuelson model in Asia1
Sport tourism and the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games: A New Zealand perspective1
A development strategy of the first aid training programme for the Southern Red Cross1
Impacts of religious tourism in Thailand1
Managing a complex environment — Social cultural perspectives the case of Indonesia1
Understanding exchange rate volatility: Are economic fundamentals important?1
Does size matter? An investigation into the effect of country size on economic growth.1
Unintended effects of ethnically targeted advertising1
The effects of joint flight attendant and flight crew CRM training programmes on intergroup teamwork and communication1
Shared spaces in New Zealand urban areas1
Improvement of Squatter Settlements: The link between tenure security, access to housing, and improved living and environmental conditions1
The impact of climate change on crop production in Sub-Saharan Africa1
eCommerce Website Evaluation framework: An Owner's Perspective1
The Human Ileocaecal Junction: An Anatomical Study using Classical and Modern Techniques1
Utilising optical satellite imagery to derive multi-temporal flow-fields for the Tasman Glacier, New Zealand1
Early Vascular Disease in Children with Epilepsy1
Using Computer Games to Learn Fractions1
Is Tourism a Driver for Public Transport Investment?1
Beyond Comfort: An exploration of ideas and meanings in outdoor adventures1
The Anatomy of the Oblique Popliteal Ligament1
Understanding the Structure of the Bovine Milk Fat Globule and its Membrane by Means of Microscopic Techniques and Model Systems1
Travel time use on public transport: what passengers do and how it affects their wellbeing1
Investigating Factors and Characteristics of the Use of e-Collaboration Tools in Research Collaboration1
Undergraduate student perceptions of a career in the tourism and hospitality industry in New Zealand1
Prediction and Prevention of Complications in General Surgery1
The Discursive Construction of Menstruation within Puberty Education1
NATO after the Cold War: Explaining the Durability of the Atlantic Alliance in a New Global Context1
The Impact of Periodontitis on Oral-Health-Related Quality of Life Among Omani Teachers1
Reconceptualizing Knowledge Management: Knowledge, Social Energy, and Emergent Leadership in Social Complex Adaptive Systems1
The B-lymphocyte Component of Inflammation1
Internal Employees versus External Employees (Contractors): Are the ‘Outcomes’ the same?1
The Online Reading Habits of New Zealand Intermediate School Students and the Significance of Web-Based Fiction1
Identity, Facebook and Education: Students Negotiating Identity on a Class' Facebook Page1
Energy Aid in Caribbean and Pacific Small Island Developing States (SIDS)1
The Fifth Labour Government's Growth and Innovation Framework 1999-2006: A Critical Analysis and Evaluation1
Forgiveness in Peacebuilding: What is it, and does it work?1
Tracing the Discursive Origins of the War on Terror: President Clinton and the Construction of New Terrorism in the Post-Cold War Era1
The prevalence and level of education of Hepatitis C Virus among an asymptomatic population1
An exploration of the use of videotaped teaching and dialogue to support preservice teachers to critically reflect on their emerging teaching practice1
Domestic Violence and Society’s Response in the Cook Islands: The Psychological Impacts on Victims in “Paradise”1
Physicochemical and quality characteristics of cold-pressed hemp, flax and canola seed oils and functional properties of their seed cakes1
The value of event sport tourism bundles1
No Substantial Miscarriage of Justice : the History and Application of the Proviso to Section 385(1) of the Crimes Act 19611
The political structure of New Zealand 1858-18611
Human Spirituality and Coming Together in Peace, Looking Through Two Lenses (Māori and Sahaj Marg Raja Yoga).1
New aims and approaches for regional policies1
Crucifixion, State Terror, and Sexual Abuse1
Effects of Ocean Acidification on Developmental Thermal Windows of Echinoderms1
Aid Effectiveness and Intervention Outcomes in a Fragile Situation: Comparative Evaluation of Three Aid Management Modalities in Timor-Leste’s Health Sector1
Intercultural Communicative Language Teaching: Enhancing awareness and practice through cultural portfolio projects1
“Instruments of Peace?” Franciscans as Peacemakers in Sri Lanka During and After the Civil War1
Nobility or utility? Zamindars, businessmen, and bhadralok as curators of the Indian nation in Satyajit Ray’s Jalsaghar (The Music Room)1
Tourism and mobility1
Civil Society Activists in a Protracted Conflict: Explaining Differences in Motivation to Engage in Intergroup Peacebuilding in Northern Ireland1
Exploring Social Accountability Mechanisms in the Primary Health Care System of Nepal: A Case Study from the Dang District1
Owning Peace: Assessing the Impact of Local Ownership of Police Reforms on Post-conflict Peace1
Lean Supply Chain Management in SMEs: A Case Study of a New Zealand Company1
The human development index as a criterion for optimal planning1
Hitting the ground running: building New Zealand’s first publicly available institutional repository1

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