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Where is R2P grounded in International law?6
Measuring the Performance of eCommerce Websites: An Owner's Perspective4
Creation of an instrument to assess intercultural communication competence for strategic international human resource management3
The Prediction of Morningstar Ratings using Data Envelopment Analysis3
Internal Employees versus External Employees (Contractors): Are the ‘Outcomes’ the same?3
To Put a New Face on the Matter: The Parables of Jesus in their Gospel Contexts2
Habitat use of the bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) of Fiordland: Where, why and the implications for management2
Intrinsic reward driven exploration for deep reinforcement learning2
The RepRap Project—Open Source meets 3D printing2
A Framework for Tourism Destination Marketing in Network Destination Structures2
Money Illusion for Tourists2
Behaviour, ecology and impact of tourism on Hector's Dolphins (Cephalorhynchus Hectori) in Porpoise Bay, New Zealand2
Perceptions of myths and brand identity in advertising : exploring the role of archetypes and national symbolism in advertising2
On the edge : a history of adventure sports and adventure tourism in Queenstown2
Expectations and satisfaction in tourism : an exploratory study into measuring satisfaction2
Pulsed electric field pasteurisation and the impact on the functional properties of bovine whole milk2
Tourism, female entrepreneurs and gender: Crafting economic realities in rural Greece2
The gift of the other: Levinas, Derrida, and a theology of hospitality2
Authentic Leadership: An Empirical Assessment of the Ephemeral2
John Zizioulas' Ecclesiology of 'the one and the many'1
Agent-based container terminal optimisation1
Oral health of older people1
Crucifixión y abuso sexual1
Customer-based brand equity in a digital age: An analysis of brand associations in user-generated social media content.1
The Marvel, the Moment, and the Fullness of Time: Kierkegaard’s Mystical Explorations with John Climacus and John the Silent1
Another tale of two-sided markets1
Impacts of religious tourism in Thailand1
Problems and issues in a small family business: A consultancy project1
Resource based theory of internationalisation - Theoretical evidence1
Political marketing and political communication: the relationship revisited1
Re-conceptualising television advertising typologies1
Grounded in Heritage: An Exploration of Traditional Cultural Clusters in China – The Case of the Jingdezhen Porcelain Cluster1
The Effect of African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) on Exports of Eligible Countries: Panel Data Evidence1
Biodiversity Data Management Project: Extending the Boundaries of Information Management in Collaboration with Life Scientists at the University of Otago1
Characterising Cfm2, a Novel Gene Involved in Vertebrate Development1
Anti-Müllerian hormone: A missing link in prostate cancer?1
FPGA Based Radio1
Behaviour and Movement Patterns of Dusky Dolphins (Lagenorhynchus obscurus) off Kaikoura, New Zealand: Effects of Tourism1
Investigating Factors and Characteristics of the Use of e-Collaboration Tools in Research Collaboration1
Energy Management Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks: Protocol Design and Evaluation1
Samurai Lear? : the cross-cultural intertexuality of Akira Kurosawa's Ran1
Going home? : the fate of children who leave care1
Human Face Detection with Support Vector Machines1
The use of topical tranexamic acid for the prevention of postextraction bleeding in patients on oral anticoagulants who are undergoing oral surgery, without modification of their anticoagulant regime1
Proton Pump Inhibitors and Interstitial Nephritis1
Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Dangerous Depictions of Animals in Children’s Films and Literature1
Post-Catholic Ireland in literature and popular culture1
CRP is a global regulator of carbon catabolism and energy metabolism in Mycobacterium smegmatis1
Dancing Greekness: Folk Dance and National Identity in Greece1
Rethinking Indian Cinema: Toward a Cinema of Multiplicity1
Not how, but who – Reaching new audiences with science documentary film1
The Uric Acid Story: Linking the Big Toe to the Prostate1
Developing the Hospitality Industry Organizational Culture Scale: A New Zealand Case Study1
Influence of catchment land-use intensity on macroinvertebrates and ecosystem function along a freshwater-marine continuum1
A Comparative Assessment of the Concept of Freedom in the Anthropologies of John Macmurray, John Zizioulas, and Karl Barthh1
Nutritional status of lactating New Zealand mothers and their breast milk concentrations of selenium and zinc1
How Mental Health Clinicians View Community Treatment Orders: A National New Zealand Survey1
Analysing the process of whole body regeneration in Botrylloides leachi1
The Image of the Scientist in Documentary: A Case Study of Three Films1
The Role of Mathematics in Francis Bacon's Natural Philosophy1
Modeling Continuous Time Series With Many Zeros1
Irrationality, Misinformation and the Role of Science Education in Science Communication.1
Prophet or Magician? : the debate surrounding Joseph Smith Jr.1
Envisioning an Anarcho-Pacifist Peace: A case for the convergence of anarchism and pacifism and an exploration of the Gandhian movement for a stateless society1
Westpac v Chahil: Sometimes Words Just Mean What They Say1

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