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Reclaiming Mana for the Church : The Identification of Mana and its Possible Subversive Impact on a Melanesian Community of Faith.65
Kwaimani Ana Liohaua Gia, The Heart of Us40
Probiotics for bacterial vaginosis in pregnancy31
Field-Based Training for Early Childhood Education Teachers in Solomon Islands28
Evaluating the Feasibility of a Pacific Islands Currency Union24
Negotiating the sacred space: A comparative study of the impact of the dynamics of culture and Christian theology on women in the South Sea Evangelical Church, and in the Anglican Church of Melanesia, Small Malaita, Solomon Islands23
Christ is the Melanesians' ancestor : an attempt to theologise peoples' experiences of Christ in New Georgia, Solomon Islands, within the United Church16
The Music of 'Are'are: Acoustemology, Environmental Influences and Sustainability13
Estimating quarterly GDP Data for the South Pacific Island Nations9
The impact of climate change on crop production in Sub-Saharan Africa9
Prehistoric settlement and networks of interaction in the Western Solomon Islands: A survey of Manning Strait8
Tourism Development in Niue and the Impact of New Zealand's Aid8
The relations between indigenous and western leadership systems at the local level in the contemporary governance systems of Papua New Guinea7
The impact of organisational restructuring on employee commitment at the Otago Polytechnic6
Assessing Business Cycle Synchronisation - Prospects for a Pacific Islands Currency Union6
Possibility of Telecommunication Universal Service in the Pacific Islands; Case studies of Vanuatu, PEACESAT and USPNet6
Organizational Structure of the Botswana Ministry of Health: Impact on Performance5
Polynesian rugby player's perceptions and experiences of professional rugby5
Faa Samoa: Peacebuilder or Peacebreaker? Understanding Samoa's Domestic Violence Problem: A Peace and Conflict Perspective.5
Things of Roviana : material culture, personhood and agency in nineteenth century Solomon Islands4
Problems and issues in a small family business: A consultancy project4
Community-based Tourism Development and Gender Relations in Uganda4
How does Truth-Telling Heal? An Exploration of Voice and Pathways toward Victim Healing in Solomon Islands and Timor-Leste4
Malnutrition in children4
Trinity, Economy, and Scripture: A Theologically-Motivated Recovery of Didymus the Blind4
“Instruments of Peace?” Franciscans as Peacemakers in Sri Lanka During and After the Civil War4
Justifying RAMSI: Geopolitical reasoning, security and New Zealand’s involvement in the Solomon Islands conflict4
Food security in New Zealand4
Intakes and main food sources of protein for vegetarian and non-vegetarian adolescent females in New Zealand3
Formal recognition versus off-balance sheet disclosure: a New Zealand perspective3
Conservation Communication in Fiji3
Specialised Production of Early‐Lapita Pottery: A Skill Analysis of Pottery from the Island of Emirau3
Cultural and National Identity in the Face of Climate Change: A Case Study of I-Kiribati Migrants in New Zealand3
Foreign seasonal workers in New Zealand horticulture: an ethnographic account of the nexus of labour and immigration policies and employment practices3
Rivers of Peace: Third Party Conflict Management of Transboundary River Disputes3
Making a living in Vanuatu: Livelihoods and development in peri-urban Port Vila3
Understanding effectiveness in peacekeeping operations: Exploring the perspectives of frontline peacekeepers3
Stranger to the Islands: voice, place and the self in Indigenous Studies3
Su’ena: Five Hundred Years of Interaction in the Eastern Triangle, Solomon Islands3
Archaeology and Shell Adzes in Prehistoric Oceania: A Revised Methodological Approach to the Descriptive Analysis of a Solomon Islands Collection3
How Employment Experiences Influence Intention to Stay: A Comparative Study of Male and Female Academics3
Aid and Dutch Disease in the South Pacific3
Investigating Rāhui as a Customary Fisheries Management Tool2
Calcium intakes of New Zealand male and female adolescents2
Management and decisions in a Tongan business context2
Towards business excellence: aligning total quality management and information technology management2
Accounting and enabling greater accountability: The suppressed role of the accounting intellect2
Tourism Recovery after the 2009 Tsunami in Samoa2
Contemporary Leadership Approaches in Chinese Business: A Philosophical and Sociological Perspective2
Waste Management Planning in Rarotonga: Issues and Opportunities2
Using Time-Series Data to Study Civil War Influence in a (Post-) Conflict Economy, Uganda, 1997 - 20062
Culture in the classroom of ESL learners: A case study of how culture is represented in the lessons of ESL children at a New Zealand mainstream primary school2
On the edge : a history of adventure sports and adventure tourism in Queenstown2
Internal Employees versus External Employees (Contractors): Are the ‘Outcomes’ the same?2
Pacific Island women, body image and sport2
A Qualitative Exploration of the Barriers and Enablers to New Zealand City Councils Developing and Implementing Food and Nutrition Policy2
The Settlement Experiences of Kiribati Migrants Living in New Zealand2
Origin and beginning of the Congregational Christian Church of Samoa (C.C.C.S.) in Aotearoa New Zealand2
Music education in New Zealand primary schools : issues in implementing the music component of the arts curriculum2
Houses, Shrines and the Social Landscape: a study of architecture on Tetepare, Solomon Islands2
The Influence of Water Scarcity and Drought on the Lindis River, Central Otago.2
Culture, values and Japanese tourism behaviour2
Applying a multidisciplinary framework for developing a shark bycatch reduction device2
Studies on Bonamia parasites (Haplosporidia) in the New Zealand flat oyster Ostrea chilensis2
The life and times of Cakobau : the Bauan state to 18552
Giving - should it hurt? : a study of the giving of the Samoan people to the Church1
So mote it be! : an anthropological investigation of contemporary feminist witchcraft1
Local government capacity and social capital1
Voices of Parents and Grandparents: Pacific Peoples’ Views on Factors Contributing to Teenagers’ Wellbeing1
Qoheleth and the Cross: Back and Forth with Jürgen Moltmann and Peter Enns1
Financial performance: the motivation behind corporate social responsibility reporting1
Accounting education in Cambodia1
Rethinking collaboration and partnership: a public policy perspective1
Impacts of religious tourism in Thailand1
Managing a complex environment — Social cultural perspectives the case of Indonesia1
Service quality in New Zealand ecotourism businesses1
Changing layout at Cableways - A project that investigates the process invoked-with changing Layout in a small- New Zealand business.1
Effect of the All Blacks test results in the New Zealand stock market1
An investigation into how New Zealand small businesses and their entrepreneurs are surviving in today's environment1
An exploration into supplier selection and retention: Practices of Dunedin small businesses1
Two possible contrasting pressures upon New Zealand business: The economic versus the environment1
Accounting information disclosure decisions within a social contingency framework1
Role differentiation in a professionalising occupation: The case of occupational therapy, New Zealand.1
Maori Business Networks in Dunedin: Waiho i te toipoto, kaua i te toiroa: Let us keep close together, not far apart1
Lessons from the indigenous east for western organisations? Mechanistic and organic approaches to organization and management1
Shared spaces in New Zealand urban areas1
Improvement of Squatter Settlements: The link between tenure security, access to housing, and improved living and environmental conditions1
The Experiences of the Recognised Seasonal Employer scheme and Ni-Vanuatu Temporary Workers in Te Puke, New Zealand1
Youth and Liturgy: an Oxymoron? A study into how and why Anglican liturgy and the Anglican liturgical tradition are being used in worship targeting young people within the Anglican Church (Tikanga Pakeha) in New Zealand.1
Time Aspects of Earnings Volatility and Accounting Regime:An Analysis of Earnings Volatility under Fair Value Accounting and Historical Cost Accounting1
Political Campaigning in a Developing Country: A case study of the Cook Islands1
Local Government Accountability: An Investigation Into Local Government Processes Of Assurance In The Context Of The Dunedin Stadium1
Designing A National Park Experience: Expanding the experiential scope of wayfinding as a means of creating richer interactions between people and the Public Conservation Lands of New Zealand.1
Female caste development in the honeybee (Apis mellifera)1
Prevalence of Chlamydia trachomatis infection in rural Samoan women aged 18-29 and assessment of associated factors: a population based study1
17α-hydroxylase and the androgen-treated sheep ovary – a model for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)1

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