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The Combined Modelling of the Regional Quasigeoid of New Zealand Using Gravity and GPS-levelling Data68
Towards business excellence: aligning total quality management and information technology management56
Total quality management, sustainable competitive advantage, and the resource-based view an exploratory study of TQM and competitive advantage at Fisher & Paykel32
Acute diarrhoea in children in rural Gambia: Knowledge, attitude and practice, aetiology, risk factors and consequences among children less than five years of age26
Malnutrition in children25
Accounting information disclosure decisions within a social contingency framework20
Breaking Bad News - The factors which influence the process of breaking bad news within a New Zealand Hospital Setting.20
Discourse Transformation in Peace Processes: Revisiting Sudan’s 2005 Comprehensive Agreement17
Short Messaging Services (SMS) and banking15
Health seeking and health related behaviour for type 2 diabetes mellitus among adults in an urban community in Tanzania13
The Uric Acid Story: Linking the Big Toe to the Prostate13
Activity-based costing in New Zealand: An assessment of ABC users and non-users in the New Zealand firm environment11
Culture, language and translation issues in educational assessment : Māori immersion students in the National Education Monitoring Project10
The Impact of Periodontitis on Oral-Health-Related Quality of Life Among Omani Teachers10
Rivers of Peace: Third Party Conflict Management of Transboundary River Disputes10
The choice of market entry mode: greenfield Investment, M&A and joint ventures9
Research article introductions in Chinese and English: A comparative genre-based study9
Optimising Video Streaming Over Multi-hop Wireless Networks: A Queueing Model Analytical Approach9
Marketing the mayor: political marketing and the Livingstone4London mayoral election campaign8
Signal processing and acoustic modelling of speech signals for speech recognition systems8
The burden and management of water related diseases in Maldives8
Novel Management of Heart Failure8
Measuring spatial accessibility to primary health care8
Empirical Essays on Finance and Economic Development in Ethiopia7
Intellectual capital, performance and industry in North American firms7
Iatrogenic Upper Limb Nerve Injuries7
Microbial adhesion to maxillary obturator materials7
Clinical pharmacology and toxicology of paracetamol in patient populations7
The comparative assessment of patient safety at hospitals in New Zealand7
The concepts of hidden Markov model in speech recognition6
A comparison of technical efficiency measurement methods using data from the New Zealand dairy industry6
Evolving connectionist systems: Characterisation, simplification, formalisation, explanation and optimisation6
Estimation and inference in ARCH models in the presence of outliers6
The impact of climate change on crop production in Sub-Saharan Africa6
eCommerce Website Evaluation framework: An Owner's Perspective6
Red blood cell segmentation using guided contour tracing6
Geostatistical modelling, analysis and mapping of epidemiology of Dengue Fever in Johor State, Malaysia6
Financial performance: the motivation behind corporate social responsibility reporting5
Corporate financial reporting on the internet: Evidence from New Zealand companies5
Agency costs and corporate governance: Evidence from proxy contests5
MatLab/database connectivity5
Lobbying and public affairs in the UK: The relationship to political marketing5
A bioeconomic analysis of marine reserves for paua (abalone) management at Stewart Island, New Zealand5
Anyone can live in a boarding house can't they? The advantages and disadvantages of boarding house residence5
Renewable Energy in Malaysia: The Viability of Large Scale Introduction of Solar PV for both Grid-Connected and Stand-Alone Hybrid Systems5
The dental workforce in New Zealand5
Awareness of pre-radiation dental assessment of head and neck cancer patients among dentists in Malaysia and New Zealand5
Antiplatelet and anticoagulant therapy in patients with acute coronary syndromes and atrial fibrillation5
Dentists’ knowledge and experiences of treating patients with Head and Neck Cancer.4
IC3:Information and Communication integration using VCoIP between 3 collaborating parties4
Numerical methods for bankruptcy prediction: A comparison between data envelopment analysis and logistic regression4
Resource based theory of internationalisation - Theoretical evidence4
Adaptive knowledge discovery techniques for data mining4
Analyzing corporate governance in Czech and New Zealand hospitals4
The effects of joint flight attendant and flight crew CRM training programmes on intergroup teamwork and communication4
Aid and Dutch Disease in Sub-Saharan Africa4
Organizational Structure of the Botswana Ministry of Health: Impact on Performance4
Is Anti-Müllerian Hormone a Hormone?4
Combating anaemia and micronutrient deficiencies among young children in rural Cambodia through in-home fortification and nutrition education.4
Land Tenure and Human Security During Post-Conflict Development4
Clinical anatomy of the coccyx and associated structures4
Understanding effectiveness in peacekeeping operations: Exploring the perspectives of frontline peacekeepers4
Pastoralism and the transformation of the rangelands of the South Island of New Zealand 1841 to 1912 : Mt Peel Station, a case study4
Architecture for instrument-centred land administration applications4
The Effect of Hypoxia on Neutrophil Survival and Function4
Digerud online GIS: developing an online community GIS resource in the Frogn municipal district of Norway4
An explicit spatial model for niching in genetic algorithms4
VoIP application development using SIP protocol4
GIS, expert systems and interoperability4
New Zealand: The State of Liberal Democracy4
The adsorption of heavy metals by waste tea and coffee residues3
Inequality and economic growth: The empirical relationship reconsidered in the light of comparable data3
Hybrid neuro-fuzzy inference systems and their application for on-line adaptive learning of nonlinear dynamical systems3
Relevance and reliability: A trade-off?3
Corporate social disclosure: Effect of perceptions on support of environmental group members3
Intellectual capital disclosures by Australian companies3
Bridging the gap between the model-driven architecture and ontology engineering3
A review of current firewall technologies3
Managing a complex environment — Social cultural perspectives the case of Indonesia3
Think-aloud protocol and heuristic evaluation of non-immersive, desktop photo-realistic virtual environments3
ISO 9000 and the EFSIS Standard: The implications for PPCS3
Value stocks vs growth stocks: Is there a P/E effect in New Zealand?3
The roof maintenance problem — a fuzzy expert system3
Research of mixture of experts model for time series prediction3
Nurse burnout in a high stress health care environment: prognosis better than expected?3
Investigation of the Wilms' tumour suppressor protein (WT1)3
Inner Ear Effects of Middle Ear Surgery3
World residential sector energy consumption: can implementing energy efficient designs save energy?3
Prevalence and characteristics of acute headaches and dizziness in mild head injury3
The experiences and monitoring of people living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and utilising long-term oxygen therapy3
Monitoring Snow Cover and Modelling Catchment Discharge With Remote Sensing in the Upper Waitaki Basin, New Zealand3
The Accuracy of Manual Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology in the Evaluation of Thyroid Cancer3
The oral health of individuals with haemophilia: a mixed methods investigation3
The use of topical tranexamic acid for the prevention of postextraction bleeding in patients on oral anticoagulants who are undergoing oral surgery, without modification of their anticoagulant regime3
Development of improved diagnostic testing methods for invasive pneumococcal disease3
The Treatment of Neuropathic Pain with Cannabinoid Based Nanotechnology3
Pre-disaster Recovery Planning: Lessons From Japan3
Quality of Diabetic Foot Care in Oman3
Immune profiles in sheep following experimental infection with Mycobacterium paratuberculosis3
Investigation of the Factors that Limit the Shelf Life of Fresh Chilled Pasteurized Milk3

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Hassanin, Mohaned Hashim56
Liyanarachchi, Gregory A.24
Mohamed Elhassan Ahmed Abdalla, Ahmed24
Elliott, Hamish G H16
Tanakinjal, Geoffrey Harvey15
Abdulla, Waleed H13
Moore, Antoni12
Moll, Sarah Elizabeth11
Harris, Phil10
Nguma, Lucy Kinavi10
Pereira, Janet Aileen9
Raff, Horst9
Ryan, Michael9
Stähler, Frank9
Benwell, George L8
Chong, Albert K8
Ward, Matthew8
Cranefield, Stephen6
Gregory, Allan W6
McCane, Brendan6
Premachandra, Erandi6
Reeves, Jonathan J6
Vromen, Joost6
Watts, Michael John6
Zhang, John6
Ghandour, Ahmad5
Harris, Charles Phillip5
Jackson, Grant5
Kasabov, Nikola5
Knowles, Stephen5
MacDonell, Stephen5
Mess, Hadleigh D5
Moyle, Sam A5
Schneider, Viktoria5
Seng, Su Bee5
Wang, Yi5
Wood, Chris5
Bobekova, Elvira4
Buchanan, Robert4
Buick, Roz4
Deans, Kenneth R4
Dick, Grant4
Fielding, David4
Gibson, Fred4
Hall, Elizabeth4
Lilburne, Linda4
Lyon, David4
Milic, Dee4
Pirožek, Petr4
Situ, Hailing4
Sun, Jian4
Zhou, Dong4
Zhou, Qing Qing4
Štrach, Pavel4
Aspinall, Rachal S3
Barris, Sian3
Begg, Douglas3
Button, C3
Cocker, Antoinette L3
Ehimen, Ehiaze Augustine3
Fam, Kim-Shyan3
Fritsvold, Tomas3
Gray, Andrew3
Jaffray, Mark3
Kennedy, G3
Linsell, Oliver Sutton3
Milosavljevic, Stephan3
Pan, Jin3
Purvis, Martin3
Quinn, K J Spike3
Sunaryo, Lenny3
Tomaszewski, Oskar3
Villanueva, Rochelle de Asa3
Wang, Xin3
Woodcock, Richard James3
Xu, Yuwei3
Alexander, W Robert J2
Ariffin, Siti Alwani2
Arnott, Reece2
Barczak, Clare Louise2
Basturkmen, Laurance Emrah2
Beals, Hadleigh2
Bell, John D2
Breese, Hayden2
Brown, Ben2
Brown, Rosemary Shanon Eileen2
Calvert, James2
Chimhundu, Ranga2
Douglas, Hollian Raphaelle2
Ermen, David2
Fletcher, Tim2
Forbes, Adam2
Gundry, Leanne C2
Guo, Yingtong2
Hale, Samuel James Mitchell2
Hansen, Jørgen Drud2
Haug, Alfred A.2
Hay, Geoffrey Christopher2
Heywood, Vanessa2

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Information Science209
Accountancy and Finance108
Preventive and Social Medicine52
Marketing collection50
Spatial Information Research Centre45
Oral Sciences42
National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies41
Public Health - Wellington33
Paediatrics - Christchurch25
Human Nutrition24
Sociology, Gender and Social Work22
School of Pharmacy21
Linguistics Programme17
Biochemistry collection16
Pathology - Christchurch14
Food Sciences14
Medicine - Christchurch12
Psychology collection12
Oral Diagnostic and Surgical Sciences11
Computer Science11
Knowledge, Intelligence & Web Informatics Laboratory11
Software Engineering & Collaborative Modelling Laboratory11
Anthropology and Archaeology11
Oral Rehabilitation10
Microbiology and Immunology9
Centre for Postgraduate Nursing9
Population Health9
Knowledge Engineering Laboratory9
Law Collection9
Zoology collection9
School of Physiotherapy8
Medicine - Dunedin8
Pharmacology and Toxicology7
College of Education7
Surgery - Christchurch6
Surgery and Anaesthesia6
Surgery - Dunedin6
Software Metrics Research Laboratory6
Medicine - Wellington5
Health Informatics Programme5
Global Network Interconnectivity Project5
Multimedia Systems Research Laboratory5
Office of Dean5
Mathematics and Statistics5
School of Physical Education5
Radiation Therapy4
Bioethics Centre4
Pathology collection - Dunedin4
Pathology and Molecular Medicine3
Primary Health Care and General Practice3
Security Research Group3
Centre for International Health2
Higher Education Development Centre (HEDC)2
Allan Wilson Centre for Molecular Ecology & Evolution2
New Zealand Child and Youth Epidemiology Service collection2
Marine Science2
Psychological Medicine - Christchurch1
Paediatrics and Child Health - Wellington1
Obstetrics and Gynaecology - Dunedin1
Paediatrics and Child Health - Dunedin1
Spanish Programme1
Database Research Centre1
Centre for Science Communication1