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Let’s get mobile: Unearthing issues of importance for adolescent mobile phone users100
A tutorial on Principal Components Analysis16
Trophic structure through the history of exploitation in New Zealand fish communities13
Crucifixion, State Terror, and Sexual Abuse9
Taro (Colocasia esculenta) water-soluble non-starch polysaccharide: Extraction, characteristics, properties, and biological activities6
A Study on Software Testability and the Quality of Testing in Object-Oriented Systems6
Rainforest, Reef, and our Appetite for Beef: Communication for Sustainable Behaviour Change6
Crucifixion and Sexual Abuse5
'No ordinary tourists' : the Second New Zealand Division in the Middle East, 1939-19454
Jazz compositions and the electric bassist in the late 20th century: A recording, a collection of performances and an exegesis4
Aerial photogrammetry and size structure analysis of sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) at Kaikōura, New Zealand4
Android In-Vehicle Infotainment System (AIVI)4
When experts disagree: the need to rethink indicator selection for assessing sustainability of agriculture4
Kids and Kilowatts: Socialisation, energy efficiency, and electricity consumption in New Zealand4
Metaphor in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy3
A Kaupapa Māori study of the positive impacts of syncretism on the development of Christian faith among Māori from my faith-world perspective3
The New Zealand red meat industry: Defined by the past, embedded in the present, blind to the future. An investigation into marketing myopia and its links to poor performance and profitability3
Radio frequency identification (RFID)3
Oral and written communication apprehension in accounting students: curriculum impacts and impacts on academic performance3
Development through Sport: The ‘Indianisation’ of Cricket and its Potential for Development3

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