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A tutorial on Principal Components Analysis68
Digital Forensics: A Demonstration of the Effectiveness of The Sleuth Kit and Autopsy Forensic Browser56
Nursing Contribution to the Rehabilitation of Older Patients: Patient and Family Perspectives.51
An Investigation on the Co-production of Biodiesel and Methane from Microalgae50
Becoming-common: Affective Technologies and Grassroots Activism in Contemporary Italy46
The Effect of Soaking Almonds and Hazelnuts on Phytate and Mineral Concentrations37
Reconstructing Eratosthenes' Map of the World: A Study in Source Analysis17
Reconceptualizing Knowledge Management: Knowledge, Social Energy, and Emergent Leadership in Social Complex Adaptive Systems16
Everyone Counts: Defining and measuring severe housing deprivation (homelessness)16
Tatala le Ta’ui a le Atua | Rolling Out the Fine Mat of Scripture14
Tourism and History: Change and Adaptation of Locals in the Tourism Period, A Study of Koh Samui in Southern Thailand11
Towards A Metamodern Literature11
Enhancing Citation Context based Information Services through Sentence Context Identification10
Radio frequency identification (RFID)9
Indigenous knowledge and practices for marine ecotourism development in Misool, Raja Ampat, Indonesia.9
Political marketing and political communication: the relationship revisited8
Mediated Representations: Japanese New Religions and Social Media8
Can environmental awareness explain declining preference for car-based mobility amongst generation Y? An examination of learn to drive behaviours8
Resilience and sustainability: a complementary relationship? Towards a practical conceptual model for the sustainability–resilience nexus in tourism7
The spectre of standards in Aotearoa New Zealand early childhood education and care.7

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