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Understanding effectiveness in peacekeeping operations: Exploring the perspectives of frontline peacekeepers9
Citizens' Jury on Euthanasia and Assisted Dying7
Who is catching what? A survey of recreational fishing effort and success on the East Otago Taiāpure7
Futuring Craft: New Zealand Studio Furniture 1979-20086
Translating between SQL and Tutorial D5
MANUKA HONEY: An Investigation into the Effect of Manuka Honey on Oral Mucositis in Patients Receiving Radiation Therapy to the Head and Neck5
Voter apathy in British elections: causes and remedies4
Food security in New Zealand: The relationship between food security, ethnicity and body weight status4
Political marketing and political communication: the relationship revisited3
The Roles of Geographical Concepts in the Construction of Ancient Greek Ethno-cultural Identities, from Homer to Herodotus: An Analysis of the Continents and the Mediterranean Sea3
Māori Women Promoting Food Sovereignty in Aotearoa (New Zealand)3
Child Poverty Monitor 2019: Technical Report2
Determinants of Relative Price Variability during a Recession: Evidence from Canada at the Time of the Great Depression2
Spirit Christology and Mission2
The Effects of Comvita Manuka Honey on Oral Mucositis in Patients treated with Radiation Therapy to the Head and Neck2
The Festivalisation of Pacific Cultures in New Zealand: Diasporic Flow and Identity within 'a Sea of Islands'2
Leadership Philosophies and Practices through a Bourdieusian lens: Case Studies of Chinese and Indian Leaders in New Zealand2
Discretionary Interests and Rights to Replace Trustees: Can They Be Property?2
The Verrines: Cicero’s Masterful Prosecution, Hortensius’ Hypothetical Defence, and the False Conclusions of Grain Production Models2
Immigration and national identity in 1970s New Zealand2
"All Work and No Play?" The Transition to University2
Assessing the impact of human disturbance on penguins2
Mepitel Film. The Effect of Mepitel Film Dressings on Acute Radiation-Induced Skin Reactions in Patients Receiving Post-Wide Local Excision Irradiation2
Locating Social In/justice Within Career Education in New Zealand High Schools: A Critical Exploration2
Case-control study of risk factors for Legionnaires’ disease caused by Legionella longbeachae in Canterbury, New Zealand2
Cardiovascular risk in high altitude people of Nepal2
The land and titles court of Samoa, 1903 - 2008 : 'continuity amid change'2
General-to-specific modelling using PcGets1
Performance of relational databases versus native XML databases1
Volatility forecasting in the 90-Day Australian bank bill futures market1
Heath, Jarrow and Morton interest rate modelling using principal component analysis1
The impact of organisational restructuring on employee commitment at the Otago Polytechnic1
Nurse burnout in a high stress health care environment: prognosis better than expected?1
Conceptualising the Foundation of an Effective Clinical Supervision Cycle in Mental Health Nursing1
Shadow Cultures, Shadow Histories: Foreign Military Personnel in Africa 1960-19801
"Is Anyone In Charge Here?" A Christological Evaluation of the Idea of Human Dominion Over Creation.1
What makes a video game fun: An investigation into the expectations of playing First Person Shooter video games.1
Fides Romana: Aspects of fides in Roman diplomatic relations during the conquest of Iberia1
Glycaemic response and glycaemic index to five varieties of rice in people of European and Chinese ethnicity1
The Self-Rated and Actual Pharmacology Knowledge of Intensive Care Nurses in New Zealand1
Careering into the future: Nurses' opinions of the PDRP1
Reconceptualizing Knowledge Management: Knowledge, Social Energy, and Emergent Leadership in Social Complex Adaptive Systems1
Mechanical design of the legs of Dolomedes aquaticus - Novel approaches to quantify the hydraulic contribution to joint movement and to create a segmented 3D spider model1
Ship to shore: The cruise industry's perception of economic risk1
Frequentist Model-Averaged Confidence Intervals1
Rotenone use for native fish conservation: Macroinvertebrate community recovery and the reintroduction of a native galaxiid (Galaxias fasciatus) following piscicide treatment in two streams1
Identity, Facebook and Education: Students Negotiating Identity on a Class' Facebook Page1
Family Relationships in Jhumpa Lahiri’s the Namesake and Kiran Desai’s the Inheritance of Loss1
Nocturnal patch use by redfinned bullies (Gobimorphus huttoni) in a temperate stream of southern New Zealand1
Social media: a solution to declining youth engagement in politics?1

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