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Translating between SQL and Tutorial D5
To Put a New Face on the Matter: The Parables of Jesus in their Gospel Contexts4
Maori concepts for social and community work3
Crucifixion et abus sexuel2
Diet, Microbiota and Metabolic Health2
Activism, Science and the Infinite Game: Exploring the relationship between science and environmental activism1
Customer-based brand equity in a digital age: An analysis of brand associations in user-generated social media content.1
The analysis of intra task fluctuation of Goal Conflict Specific Rhythmicity1
The immunomodulatory protein, GIF, encoded by orf virus1
Alcohol and depression1
Pleiotrophin family gene and protein expression in a sheep tooth socket model of bone healing1
Enrichment in Specific Fatty acids profile of Tenebrio molitor and Hermetia Illucens larvae through feeding. Future Food1
Radio frequency identification (RFID)1
Voter apathy in British elections: causes and remedies1
The triple-bottom-line: benchmarking New Zealand’s early reporters1
Belief-Based Exemptions: Are Religious Beliefs Special?1
From mirror therapy to augmentation1
Mission, Meditation and Miracles: An Shigao in Chinese Tradition1
“I Am The Apple Of My Brother’s Eye” : An investigation into the evolving roles of Samoan women with particular reference to religion and gender relations1
Bloom's Situated Mind in James Joyce's Ulysses: Decoding Character in a Social Storyworld1
The ideal free distribution: function meets mechanism1
Identification of historical plant material using micro-computed tomography1
War, Identity, and Inherited Responsibility in Sino-Japanese Relations1
Integration and automation of a micro-tissue and microsphere based tissue engineering system and its application in cartilage regeneration and cancer models1
The role of the low-molecular-weight proteins of the CP43 pre-assembly complex of Photosystem II1
The effect of emotion on false memories in the Deese-Roediger-McDermott (DRM) paradigm1
Adam Curtis’s compelling logic: the tortuous corridor to the hypernormal1
Leadership and economic theories of non-profit organizations1
The Inherent Jurisdiction of the Court and Its Limits1
The relationship between FODMAP intake and acute gastrointestinal symptoms in adults with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)1

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