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Glycaemic response to varying the proportions of starchy foods and non-starchy vegetables within a meal: A randomised controlled trial9
Identity, Facebook and Education: Students Negotiating Identity on a Class' Facebook Page4
Māori University success: what helps and hinders qualification completion3
Introduction: Orienting feminism: Media, activism, and cultural representation3
A review of current firewall technologies2
A Natural Interface for 3D Manipulation2
The Feingold diet and selected behaviour levels : a double blind experiment with multiple tartrazine challenges.1
Intakes and food sources of fat among New Zealand adolescent females1
The iron intakes and likely bioavailability of iron in vegetarian and non-vegetarian adolescent women in New Zealand1
Zinc intakes and main food sources of zinc in New Zealand adolescent females1
Vitamin B12 intakes of vegetarian and non-vegetarian adolescent females 1
Dietary intakes and food sources of dietary fat among vegetarian and non-vegetarian female adolescents in New Zealand.1
Comparison of sugar intakes between vegetarian and non-vegetarian adolescent females1
Calcium intakes and the main food sources of calcium in New Zealand adolescent females1
Design and evaluation of a mobile decision support system for screening neurodevelopmental disorders1
Agency, uncertainty and power: Why people consider assisted dying at the end of life1
Dietary Fat Intake and Contributing Food Sources of New Zealand Adolescents: Summarising a Decade1
Fibre Intakes and the Main Food Sources of Fibre in Adolescent Males1
Total, added and free sugar intakes of New Zealand female and male adolescents1
Food Sources of Energy by Socioeconomic Status in New Zealand Adolescents1
Normalising the ‘ugly’ to Reduce Food Waste: Exploring the Socialisations that Form Appearance Preferences for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables1
The impact of organisational restructuring on employee commitment at the Otago Polytechnic1
Health in the late pre-colonial and early colonial period in the Philippines1
The cultural transmission of cookery knowledge : from seventeenth century Britain to twentieth century New Zealand1
Word-pairs & continuity in translation in the ancient Near East1
Assessing the impact of human disturbance on penguins1
Relative validity and reproducibility of a food frequency questionnaire for identifying the dietary patterns of New Zealand toddlers1
Travel Texts and Moving Cultures: A German-focused Comparative Analysis in the Context of the Mobilities Turn1
The role of commercial processed baby foods in the diets of New Zealand toddlers1
Virtually tribal/tribally virtual: Shareholders in indigeneity1
Does a ‘baby-led’ approach to complementary feeding have an impact on intake of selected nutrients, food preference and food variety in 12 month old infants?1
A Baby-Led approach to complementary feeding: Adherence and infant food and nutrient intakes at seven months of age1
What is the role of pureed foods in the diets of infants in the complementary feeding period?1
Comparison of self-reported speed of eating with an objective measure of eating rate.1
Feasibility of Following a Low Free Sugars Diet in New Zealand: A Mixed-Methods Exploratory Study1
A Taste for Consumption: Food Waste Generation in New Zealand Cafés and Restaurants1
Eating a nuclear disaster: A vital institutional ethnography of everyday eating in the aftermath of Tokyo Electric Power Company’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant disaster1

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