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The function of secondary metabolites in the leaves of Pseudowintera colorata13
The choice of market entry mode: greenfield Investment, M&A and joint ventures10
The effects of trade liberalization on productivity and welfare: The role of firm heterogeneity, R&D and market structure8
The influence of religion on attitudes towards the advertising of controversial products6
Impacts of religious tourism in Thailand6
Total quality management, sustainable competitive advantage, and the resource-based view an exploratory study of TQM and competitive advantage at Fisher & Paykel6
Pacific Archaeology: Documenting the Past 50,000 Years6
Renewable Energy Projects under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)6
The role of respect in leadership5
Funding conservation from the private sector in New Zealand.4
Residual wage disparity and coordination unemployment3
Local government failure3
Spatial information systems for wildlife conservation management: Taiaroa Head royal albatross colony3
Regulating for best practice in human resource management: The impact of the good employer obligation3
Successful new service development: A study of the hotel industry in Germany3
The Effect of Bad Parents, Emotional Deprivation and Shame on Adolescent Characters in the Works of Alan Duff3
An Investigation Of The Causes Of Clinical Failure Of Soldered Bar Attachment Systems In Implant Supported Overdentures3
Internal Employees versus External Employees (Contractors): Are the ‘Outcomes’ the same?3
The composition of public expenditure and growth: different models of government expenditure distribution by functions.2
The impact of information technology on temporary employee recruitment — An exploratory investigation based on German energy companies2
Dysfunctional behaviour in the modern audit environment: the effect of time budget pressure and auditors’ personality type on reduced audit quality practices2
An analysis of labour turnover at Alliance Lorneville: Why do employees leave?2
Operationalising the ecotourism opportunity spectrum (ECOS): Case examples from China2
Xerostomia among adult New Zealanders: a national survey2
Development and comparison of breeding objective methodologies for the genetic improvement of sheep2
Breach of promise of marriage2
Glimpses of Eternity: Sampled Mormon Understandings of Disability, Genetic Testing, and Reproductive Choice in New Zealand2
A Low-Temperature Study of Geared Refrigerative Dehumidification2
State Responsibility for Children in Care2
Parent-involvement in children's reading development: Parent and teacher perceptions, and child reading outcomes2
The Effect of a Community Sensitization Intervention on Knowledge of TB in The Gambia2
Aid and Dutch Disease in the South Pacific2
Resolving a public good dilemma using reward and sanction mechanisms2
Health, wealth, fertility, education and inequality2
Leadership and economic theories of non-profit organizations2
Ethnic gaps and ethnic ratios2
Business influences on government decisions affecting public health: a case study from Australia and New Zealand1
Exploring and improving hospital care quality for New Zealand rural communities1
A comparison of technical efficiency measurement methods using data from the New Zealand dairy industry1
Corporate culture as normative control: A study of Hong Kong employees in a team-based organisation1
Advertising of controversial products: a cross-cultural study1
Sport tourism and the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games: A New Zealand perspective1
The political economy of industrialization in the Indonesian new order (1966 - 1993)1
The association between income smoothing and job security concerns in New Zealand1
A review of current firewall technologies1
A development strategy of the first aid training programme for the Southern Red Cross1
An exploration of supplier selection methods in New Zealand organisations- A case study analysis.1
Consultancy report for farm XYZ: HRM on a New Zealand dry stock farm1
Industrial bargaining and union bargaining type determination: A theoretical perspective1
Is economic growth 'good' for the environment?1

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